Wholesale Gospel Tracts for Personal Evangelism

Let's Share Jesus.
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What We Do

It’s quite simple, really. We tell the old, old story with a 21st century approach. We provide this Gospel message without any financial gain. Everything pertaining to this website and its mission, from the materials sold, to the site maintenance, is at our cost and through the efforts of our gracious volunteers.

All Scripture quoted on this site is from the King James Version unless otherwise stated. Our TractCards™ are available in KJV, NKJV, NASB, ESV and NIV.

Our Mission

We believe that one day soon, Jesus Christ is going to return for His children. The question is, are you His child? If you have any doubt, maybe you should see what this FREE GIFT is all about.

Since Christ will return, it’s our job (our mission) to bring as many people with us when He does. We believe that together we can reach the world; one person, one heart, one soul at a time. Let’s Share Jesus.

Did You Receive Jesus?

If you received Jesus Christ as your Savior because of TractCard™, we welcome you to our family! We are truly excited about your decision!

You may ask yourself, “Ok, now what?” If you want to know more about Jesus and His teachings, we encourage you to read our Discipleship 101 pages.

Together we can reach the world: one person, one heart, one soul at a time. Learn More