EarthTractCard™ is a project that was planted in our minds back in 2003. Although it has been a slow and gradual process, we are thrilled to finally be able to make this available to the general public.  Our mission statement is “Together we can reach the world; one person, one heart, one soul at a time. Let’s share Jesus.” We believe that the Lord was very clear in Luke 14:23 when He said, “go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” This wasn’t a suggestion, it’s a commandment.

At TractCard™, we are not selling these gospel tracts for profit. In fact, the prices you see in our store are at our cost. Granted, the prices had to be slightly adjusted to accommodate credit card processing fees, but in all reality, any profit that is made is in cents, not dollars. Our goal is truly to reach the lost.

Our design and creative team has worked diligently donating their time on constructing the creations you see in our store. They are constantly working on new ideas, so you may see some designs that are rotated throughout the year. We will do our best to accommodate your requests for previous designs or special orders.

We have templates that you can design and upload to our server. We will print your design at the same cost as our own designs, provided that you follow our guidelines listed on that page. We will not get our feelings hurt if you want something other than what you find in our store. In fact, if you can print one of our own TractCards™ cheaper somewhere else, feel free to ask us for the original PDF design. We will be happy to send it to you. Again, our goal is to truly reach the lost.

TractCard™ is a dual-purpose website. The first purpose is for individuals, churches, and other groups to order their TractCard™ material. The second purpose is a tool for those that have received, or found a TractCard™ and from there, decide to visit our website for more information. There are tools for discipleship, a place for them to share their story, and much more. We have plans to make TractCard™ multi-lingual. If you have language skills and would like to donate your time for translation, please go to our Contact page and send us an email.

We hope that you will spread the word about TractCard™ and the affordable services we provide. Even though we may never have the chance to meet in person here on earth, we know that someday in Heaven, we’ll have that wonderful opportunity to finally meet face to face.

Let’s Share Jesus,

The TractCard™ Team